The Menteur literary and arts magazine

The Uncharted Issue

The deadline for submissions to The Menteur 2019 has now passed. Please check back in the autumn for details of the 2020 issue.

The Menteur will be out June 5th 2019, and will feature submissions from artists and writers on this year’s theme, Uncharted.

We invited contributions that explored Uncharted from a variety of perspectives, across a range of human experiences and disciplines – from politics and history to space travel and scientific breakthroughs.

Uncharted can evoke or even stem from feelings of loss and displacement, yet it offers up the opportunity for exploration, both of the internal self and external world. It’s a deep dive into the unknown, presenting limitless possibilities to create, build, or chart something new.

The Menteur is a literary and arts magazine produced every year by the Paris School of Arts and Culture, part of the University of Kent. The Menteur 2019 magazine will be launched on Wednesday 5th June at the Paris School’s annual MA Festival.┬áCopies will be available from the University of Kent’s European campuses and online at If you have any questions about the event, email